Margarita Sour Mix


WAITANGI AND MARGARITA DAYS *** SPECIAL DISCOUNT ***Up to 12% discount on the 375ml bottle and the 1 litre bottle of Margarita Mix from Wednesday 5 February – Monday 24 February (offer ends at 4pm on Monday 24 Feb 2020).

The Margarita is the very essence of joviality, the patron saint of fun, the joyous expression of life at its absolute best. Serve it on a hot Waitangi day or when you’re getting together with friends to celebrate the good things about life.

Margarita Day, Saturday 22 February, celebrates this amazing drink, and the rainbow of colors and flavors it comes in. It just goes to show what a little salt, some ice cold tequila, margarita mix and a wedge of lime can do!

Follow the recipe on the bottle and you have the cocktail.

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